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September 2016


Welcome to St Mary’s RC Nursery.   Here is a little of what to expect during your child’s first few weeks at school.


First Day reminders

  • Start times  Full day 8.30  Finish 3.00
  • Start times AM only 8.30 Finish 11.30
  • Star times PM only 12.00 Finish pm 3.00
  • hang coat/bag on named coat peg
  • take your child to the toilet
  • join in with our ‘self registration’ board.  Help your child to find  his/her name card and post it in the letterbox.


The first 2 weeks

  • getting to know each other
  • lots of activities to introduce the children to the different opportunities available in the unit


Getting to know you at home time

Please be patient with us for the first few weeks at home time.   The teaching team is trying very hard to learn new children’s names and to match children with their carers

  • tell us who you have come to collect when we hand children over to you at the door
  • tell us at the beginning of a session or phone the school office if it will be anybody different to the usual carer collecting your child
  • please be prompt collecting your child at home time


Clothes and uniform

British weather can be very changeable!  We play outside whatever the weather

  • please ensure your child attends each day with a waterproof coat
  • put your child’s name in jumpers, tunics, trousers and t-shirts etc.  Your child may get wet during the day and this helps us to return clothing to the right child
  • send in a change of clothes, to be kept in school, in a bag marked with their name
  • send wellies marked with your child’s name in a carrier bag to be kept in school


You can help by…

  • we will be focusing on putting their own coats on (initially just to put it on independently and then working towards fastening it themselves) and remembering to flush the toilet and to wash their hands after using the toilet. It would be most helpful if you could practice these skills at home
  • send in a family photo or one of a pet, best friend even favourite toy or recent holiday.



We look forward to sharing an exciting and busy first half term with you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to speak to one of the team.


Nursery Staff


Class Teacher: Mrs Bonnar

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Wilks, Mrs Brackett, Miss Jones



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