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Aims of Our School

At St Marys we aim to provide an environment that will enable each child to develop all of his or her natural and spiritual gifts to the full so that each gradually matures into the person that God intends them to be.

To encourage the children to use their talents for the service of the wider community in which they live as responsible citizens.

To demonstrate that conscious offence against the community is seen as an opportunity to practise forgiveness and reconciliation and to reaffirm the values of the school community.

To assist parents as much as possible in the education of their children both inside and outside the school.

To welcome parents into school so that they can take part in various activities.

To celebrate the achievements of our pupils in all their endeavours and work through their difficulties with sensitivity and understanding.

The school recognises that its aims can only be satisfactorily achieved through implementation of the expertise, commitment and positive influence of all partners in the educational process.  These aims need to be developed in a climate of mutual trust and openness.

The school will offer the children opportunities consistent with the requirements of the National Curriculum.  The school will also aim to develop the children's scientific, linguistic and mathematical skills, as well as those broader aspects of the Primary curriculum such as study of our local, national and natural heritage and environment, together with the ability to search out information and use it intelligently.

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural and our development of British Values.

At our School we actively promote our cathloic faith and the values of the Church and our saviour Jesus Christ and his father in heaven.The fundamental British Values are part of this and ensure these challenge pupils, staff or parents who express opinions that may be contrary to these.
We encourage learning through the process of exploring, ‘what it means to be  'follower of Christ’ and by enabling our pupils to:
• describe their own identities and the groups that they feel they belong to;
• recognising different identities faiths and experiences;
• appreciating that identity consists of many factors;
• recognising that each person’s identity is unique in the image of God and changes throughout our life;and
• beginning to understand the idea of stereotypes. 
We aim to develop a belief in freedom and equality, a respect for the Gods law and for British institutions, tolerance, a belief in personal and social responsibility and a wish to resolve conflict through discussion and RE, worship.prayer and democratic procedures.
Central to all our work is our service to the church and principles of our faith.We are a large family who support care and love each other.We are here to ensure the formation of our children in the likeness of God.     

Our plans for learning, collective worship and other activities, encompass the above but also religious tolerance, taking a zero tolerance approach to bullying and violence and the pursuit of excellence in academic and non academic subjects and pupil wellbeing.

As a school we aim to find that spark, that enthusiasm for learning and for achievement that stays with the individual as they move on to new challenges and into adulthood.
I like to think that we listen to our parents and aim to work as partners.Please click on the link below for parents views and suggestions for improvements and the solutions we have tried to come up with .

Views and impact on school 

Underpinning this ethos is a range of curriculum learning that include links to British Values. We links with Deeplish Primary School aswell as our catholic collborative partners and local school links .This is so we can celebrate and learn about different schools support ecah other to excel and learn about other cultures and the shared proceses of what it means to be British.
Please click on the link below to find out more about how St Mary's uses values in our day to day learning.

Britsh Values at St Mary's 

Parents you also have the chioce to express opinions about St Mary's through the parent view link(see below). 

Parents View 

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