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St Mary's 3 Year Vision


To implement our school vision it was decided that an initial meeting was needed to set out expectations and collect ideas about what our vision was going it be.

 School organised the meeting and members of the community governor’s staff children teacher’s parishioners and agencies who work closely with our school were invited along to create our vision

The meeting was a great success. Mr Lavin presented where he saw the school by 2018 as did Mr Suddaby  the chair of governors. We were then followed by the children who presented  the children intentions and voice about where they saw the school in 3 years’ time. All attendees then were invited by Mr Lavin to discuss 6 different headings that summed up what we wanted to improve on or consolidate over the next 3 years.

The headings were ;

  • Curriculum
  • Teaching
  • Children
  • Faith 
  • Building
  • Environment

St Mary’s 3 year vision

At St Marys we believe our children need an education that:

  • is distinctive and demanding,
  • helps them enjoy life and participate in what the world has to offer them,
  • opens up new opportunities for further learning, personal growth, and work.
  • is  spiritually, morally and culturally aware.
  • Makes them resilient determined and ambitious learners but more importantly, children of Christ.

-We want to improve the Catholicity within the school community, the parish and the church

-We want to be a leading light for standards and expertise and be a Diocese teaching school

  • Personalising Learning
    Analyse performance data to find out which groups are under performing and why?
    Prioritise target groups in the School improvement plan so all our children are at age related expectations by summer 2018
    Raise achievement through outstanding teaching(target 85% by summer 2018)
    Assess confidently and set SMART targets 

We want Governors, staff, children and parents to take ownership of the curriculum, shaping it and making it our own.

  • Staff and children have much more freedom to design the timetable and decide what and how they teach and how they want to learn.
  • Be creative and innovative in how we teach and learn.
  • Make children excited, thrilled and curious about all subjects.
  • We aim for 96.8% attendance by 2018

 ·        We aim to enrich the quality of the learning environment throughout the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to promote high standards of safety, behaviour and achievement year on year.

 ·        We aim to promote a culture of distributed leadership at our school.

 ·        We aim to give each voice within the school community the opportunity to shape the future of our school.

 ·        We aim to promote the school as a gateway to extended services for all our families. And to those who need help support or a helping hand through life.

 ·        We aim to promote the school's website as a hub for current information.


The governors met after this visioning meeting and decided on a set of values the felt signified what St Marys RC Primary is about. 

Governors Vision 


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