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Minutes of Equality/Eco/Anti-Bullying/SchoolCouncil leaders    -   28/11/15

Suggestions for moving forward -

[1] 'Clean for Queen' campaign. (Eco). To celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday this summer, schools are invited to clean/tidy up local area for community. Discussed possibility of  D'Oliviera Court. Mis midleton will contact them regarding this. Better to do 'enclosed' area for safety reasons. (no glass, sharps, etc). This is heavily linked to us working in community, helping each other which is a British value. Older children could then work on environmental laws,etc. Also cross-over with Pope's letter on looking after the environment.


[2] Miss Middleton will also suppoprt  'National Waste Week' (March).


[3] Discussed idea of School council going to local museums - eg Touchstones/People's History Museum/Co-Op Museum, to find out about start of co-operative movement in the area. - Great for values of helping one another and community ideals. They could look at how they, as a council, replicate some of these welfare views/ideals. They could then come back to school to present assemblies about what they had found out.General roll-out of ideas. Miss Renshaw to contact museums.

[4] Celebrate a British Values Day - come in wearing red, white and blue. Ask 'What makes us British?' - look at the different interpretations of what it is that makes us British. Each class focus on particular area - eg sport, food, immigration, art, music, the Law, the Police, democracy, inventors, the Royal Family. - Tie in with one of  Queen's birthdays (March or June).

Miss Dovey has planned a drama group to tackle online-bullying and Sid day wil be  3 day focus on Homophobic/racism


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