St. Mary's RC Langley
Our Visits to St John Fisher School

On Monday 28th November the Pupil Chaplaincy Team from St John Fisher Primary School came to visit our Chaplaincy Team.  They came here in the school Minibus, and were met by the Chaplains, who gave them a tour of the school.  We tried to make them feel welcome by giving them a drink and biscuits!  We all talked about what we have done so far this year in our schools, and bounced some ideas about of new things we could do.  Watch this space for more information on our ideas!!

On Friday 2nd December, two Pupil Chaplains from St John Fisher school came to St Mary's dressed as Mary and Joseph, to take part in a special Advent assembly.  They lit the candles on the Advent Wreath, and stayed to see our Awards Assembly.  They had this photo taken with our huge Christmas tree in the Hall.  

On Monday 15th December, it was our turn, Leonna and Sean were dressed up as Mary and Joseph, and travelled to St John Fisher's to take part in their Assembly. 

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