St. Mary's RC Langley
Council Meetings

Friday 15th January 2016 

Two of our School Council Representatives attended Lowerplace Primary School today for the Termly School Council Event, they had the opporunity to work with children from other schools and also took part in an activity that looked at Agendas. 


Tuesday 3rd November 2015 

During today's meeting Jordan and Scarlett talked with the school Council representatives about their visit to Newhey Primary before half term. We also did an activity about the roles that we have. We have also now appointed our representatives different roles within the School Council: 

Chairperson - Shams

Vice Chairperson - Raheemah 

Secretary - Elle and Tyler 

Administrator - Jack P

Venue Manager - Somtee and Jordan 


Friday 23rd October 2015 

Today two school council representatives, Jordan and Scarlett visited Newhey Primary School in Rochdale for a School Council Primary event. The meeting was an opportunity for the children to meet other children that are part of the school council and to learn about the different roles that we have in our school council. 





Tuesday 29th September 2015

Today we had our first meeting where we discussed what School Council is, what is expected of our school council members and also the benefits of being part of the School Council. 

We understand that our role as School Council members means we are role models to others and we need to act responsibly at all times. 

I am pleased to welcome all our 2015 school members who will meet fortnightly to discuss the important issues raised in school. 

We aim to create a safe, happy and enjoyable environment for all! 







On Friday 12th December  two representatives attended the Rochdale Borough School Councils Event. During their time the children participated in group activities with pupils from other school councils. We also had the opportunity to write an agenda. 




During our meeting on the 12th November the School Council had the opportunity to take a look at the building work that is happening at our school. Mr Lavin showed the School Council around Nursery and Reception and explained what the plans are for the building. 




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