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What is Rainbows?

RAINBOWS is a registered charity founded in America by Suzy Yehl Marta to help children who have been bereaved through parental death, parental separation or divorce.

How does RAINBOWS help?

Rainbows  helps by providing a safe environment in which children can talk through their feelings with other children who are experiencing similar situations. They are helped to articulate their feelings by an adult facilitator who is trained to organise activities and opportunities which help to re-build self-esteem and come to terms with the many emotions they may experience.

St.Mary’s Rainbows Site

St Mary’s is a   Rainbows Site under the guidance of Rainbows North West. We have successfully run the programme since 2005 and are now also running   SUNBEAMS   for the younger children. The demand for places on the programme is growing year on year. Currently we have 10 children taking part in Rainbows and 12 in Sunbeams.

The programme runs for twelve weeks usually before and after Christmas. The children meet with their facilitators, Mrs. Ellis, Miss Jones and Mrs. Priday in a special Rainbows room.

We feel this programme has been of great value to our pupils. This view has been supported by the positive feedback and   comments from parents.

“The children really enjoy coming…They build up relationships and support from peers…”

“Many   of the children who take part one year want to continue year after year.”

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