St. Mary's RC Langley
Healthy Schools Week

6 July 2017

This week has been our Annual Healthy Schools Week, where we take part in a wide variety of healthy and active session.

Warburtons Bread

Year 4 had a visit from Warburtons Bread to take about healthy eating.

They also had the opportunity to try healthy food and make sandwiches for the class to try.

All the children had great fun.

Sports Day

During the week we hold our Sports Days.

Nursery, Reception and Key Stage One all received a certificate for taking port and having fun.

Where as Key Stage 2 competed in the School Houses.

Year 3 and 4 saw St Bernadette crowned winner and in Year 5 & 6 St Maximilain were the overall winners

Manchester Day T-Shirts

As part of Manchester Day we will be taking part in a Fitness Session, for this each child has been designign a tshirt to wear in the day.

The children have been very  creative drawing and painting the Worker Bee, I Love Manchester Logo and other design to sjow off the the great city of Manchester.

Bike Challenge

Key Stage 2 took part in the Healthy Schools Week Bike Challenge, where as a class they must see how far they can travel in 20 minutes.

This years winners were 5R travelling 23.1km in 20 minutes.

Introduction to First Aid

Year 5 & 6 children have had a basic introduction into first aid and CPR.

We have borrowed the Real Trust's 'Flat Stanley' teaching dolls tp work on our CPR and different life saving scenarios.

Healthy Eating Workshop with Link4Life

Year 6 have had a workshop with Gemma from Link4Life about healthy eating/living and general hygiene.

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